Our Services

At Rapp Wealth Management we are mindful of the fact that our primary responsibility is to our clients.  Our experience and expertise allows us to help our clients reach their financial goals.  We help our personal and business clients achieve the following goals:

Develop and Maintain a Sound Investment Plan

While there is more financial information than ever, we have found that people have less time to decipher it all.  We will help you make the right choices by guiding you through the information maze. We use our expertise to avoid unnecessary risks, while giving you the breadth of investment choices and analysis to achieve your personal goals, Once a strategy is in place we conduct ongoing meetings to  proactively assess your plan, and if needed, adjust  to the changing market environment .

Protect Your Family and Assets

We are experienced insurance planners who can evaluate the new products and services being offered in a competitive insurance industry to help you take advantage of the advances in the life, health, disability, and long term care insurance arenas. We help you shop for insurance based on your needs so you can provide asset and income protection for your family with a coordinated plan of risk management. 

Review of Income and Estate Tax Obligations

These taxes can be significantly impacted by the way you arrange your financial affairs. You can decide how much in estate and income taxes you pay, based on decisions you make with your money.  We lead you through these choices to help you and your family control more of your hard earned assets.  We always insist that you consult with your tax advisors before proceeding with any plan.

Create Cost Effective Retirement Plans

We work with our business owners to customize a retirement plan that gives companies the benefits and results they are looking for.  We consider the employer's objectives as well as the employees' needs.  Asset control, tax benefits, key employee focus, and fiduciary responsibility are all important in the design and maintenance of business retirement plans.  Obviously, a prepackaged once size fits all plan is not the solution. 

Design and Implement Business Continuation Plans

Business owners work hard to develop and grow their company, but do they have an exit strategy? What will happen to this major asset they have created when they retire, become ill, or die?  All of their hard work and commitment can be lost without a well structured plan n place.  We help business owners properly plan to save their business, salvage their employee's jobs, and keep the bargain hunters away.

Once your goals have been established, we will customize appropriate strategies to suit your vision and objectives.